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Big Head Tennis for Android, iOS Review

Puppet Tennis – A light-hearted tennis game with more content than the visual silliness of the game would imply

Surprising Depth

Puppet Tennis is essentially the opposite of a tennis sim for mobile. Its big-head tennis gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of the hugely enjoyable Sports Heads games that occupy the internet as well as the app stores, but Puppet Tennis is somewhat more stylish, and arguably more fun. In the same style as the many other Puppet-based sports games from NoxGames, Puppet Tennis has you take to the court with a side-on view where you’ll be able to return serves, slice, and generally smash the ball at your opponent. There’s more depth to the game than the light-hearted visual design would indicate however – you even get to upgrade your player’s stats as you progress!

Frantic Without the Pedantic

Puppet Tennis is quite a unique experience, when comparing its gameplay to the majority of other top tennis games on the app store, anyhow. Its gameplay consists of a series of tennis matches viewed from a cross-section perspective, viewing the tennis court side-on. While most other tennis games would have you tapping on-screen buttons or swiping for various shots like lobs or slices, there are only two buttons here: jump and swing. Jump lets you leap in the air while swing allows you to swing your racket and smash the ball.

It all turns out to be quite a frantic experience compared to Virtua Tennis or Stick Tennis, and that’s nothing but a good thing. It’s really quite similar to Mousebreaker’s sports heads tennis game, though it feels a little more polished in its graphics, and a lot more held-together in its physics engine.

Power Me Up

While you’re frantically tapping the swipe button to return your opponent’s ball, your small victories are earning you coins. It’s through collecting coins that you are able to purchase upgrades, which brings me to my main point about this game that’s coloured me mightily impressed: the progression system. While Mousebreaker’s Sports Heads series has a few power ups here and there, Puppet Tennis has both in-game power-ups and an upgrade system. You can upgrade you character’s strength and speed, for example, as well as upgrading your racket and even swapping out and unlocking new players. This makes it a rather entertaining as well as rewarding experience in the long run.

The in-game power-ups add to the bombastic arcade-style nature of the gameplay, too. You can smash the ball at them to do everything from freeze your opponent on the spot to make the ball large and clunky on a temporary basis. These power-ups add some unpredictability to the tournaments in the game, and only serve to make things all the more fun.

A Triumph In Movile “Tennis”

This obviously isn’t a game that’s going to satisfy the die-hard tennis fanatic. There’s no realism, the large-headed design is quite silly, and the power-ups aren’t exactly part of the actual real-life sport, after all. However, its frantic matches coupled with a decent upgrade system make it one of the more enjoyable tennis titles out there. The only annoying thing about it are the frequent video segments you must watch if you haven’t paid for in-game currency. Even though these video dull the fun a little, it’s still a great tennis game for casual gamers to enjoy. It’s a NoxGames game, too, and it’s quite typical of this developer’s style.