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Best Tennis Games for Android, iOS

Cross Court Tennis 2

Mobile tennis games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like a bit more technical accuracy in your mobile tennis experience, Cross Court Tennis 2 is a game worth considering. Improving on the original by a decent amount, this game’s got some of the best on-court action you’ll find in any mobile tennis game. This is down to its on-screen controls that allow you, with various button combinations, to execute the more technical side of tennis. Lob shots, volleys, slices, and epic serves are all on the menu here, as are a number of different opponents to challenge you and graphics that can just about compete with the best of them. It’s a game well worth playing, and also one that’s well worth the review you’ll find here.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Some of the main points of criticism for Virtua Tennis Challenge for Android and iOS are made possible due to its relative lack of beefy content. While Pro Evolution Soccer – a game that also lacks official licensing procedures, making it devoid of the big names of football – has much offer its fans in terms of modes, Virtua Tennis Challenge has an exhibition mode, a rudimentary multiplayer, and also the SPT World Tour Mode. If you can deal with the lack of variety in modes, however, you’ll discover that the swipe controls of Virtua Tennis Challenge allow for a range of technical shots to be utilised, as well as making it accessible for the casual mobile gamer. This review digs up what’s good and what’s not about the game.

Tennis Club Story

Kairosoft have a habit of releasing management games that are very, very similar to one another. One of their more recent ventures into the genre sees them take on the tennis world, getting you to manage your very own tennis club from humble beginnings to worldwide success (if you’re any good at it, that is). For true management fans used to the depth of other sports management games like Football Manager, there will be some disappointment. If you’re not expecting a hugely complex title with tons of unique features, however, Tennis Club Story may well suffice as the best (if not the only) proper tennis-club management game for mobile.

Gachinko Tennis

There are tennis games out there that attempt to translate the major aspects of the sport into hand-held form, and then there are the ones that just want you to have a bit of simple fun while enjoying a quirky visual design. Gachinko Tennis is firmly in the latter camp, of course, with its 8-bit retro style and its hugely simple smack-it-back-and-forth approach to the sport. There’s a bit of depth here, though: earning upgrades as you go along gives the game some longevity, while the knockout tournaments result in some seriously fun rallies and furious slicing across the court. It’s not realistic, but it doesn’t claim to be – Gachinko Tennis is all about the quirky.

Big Head Puppet Tennis

Expecting a realistic tennis match from Puppet Tennis is like betting all your money on Andy Murray to win pretty much any important tennis tournament: a little silly. If you appreciate Puppet Tennis’ gameplay for the wonderfully silly and simple arcade-steeped smash-fest that it is, however, you’ll appreciate the whole thing a lot more. It’s a lot like the Sports Heads flash/mobile games, with a large-head design for its players and a side-on view of the court where you smash the ball back and forth until a point is scored. It’s got so much more than even straight-shooting tennis games have, however: it’s got upgrades, and in the presence of this longevity-boosting feature, Puppet Tennis triumphs magnificently.