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Best Table Tennis Games for Android, iOS

Though Table Tennis isn’t exactly a cumbersome a sport as full-court Tennis, you’re still going to have trouble fitting a table on the train if you fancy a game on the way to work. In this case, it’s Mobile Tennis Games to the rescue, though don’t waste your time attempting to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to this genre. There are lots of average titles, but this article points out the best you’re going to find. From the slick, bombastic action of Power Ping Pong to the furious swiping of Table Tennis Touch. Also, let’s not forget Real Table Tennis‘ hefty trove of content, topping off the tirade of quality Table Tennis that is this article before we leave you with a quirky stickman ping pong game.

Contrary to what the majority may think, Table Tennis isn’t any less skilful or serious than any other sport in the world. The skill involved is quite remarkable, but it isn’t always practical to nip to your local club or set up your own in-house table when you want a quick game. The solution? Table Tennis mobile games, of which there are many on the mobile market. This article selects the cream of the crop, fishing out the best games floating on the sea of mediocre ping pong games out there. The fast-paced action of Power Ping Pong will please power players, whilst Table Tennis Touch and Real Tennis dial the realism up to 11 and beyond. There’s something here for every kind of Table Tennis fan.

Power Ping Pong

First up in the review spotlight is the lightning-fast paced Power Ping Pong. Developed by Gasp! (and with publishing duties falling to Chillingo). Here’s a game whose title pretty much sums up quite succinctly what to expect from its gameplay. While others on this list could be described as somewhat straight-laced in comparison, Power Ping Pong’s action has a distinctly arcade-like feel: quick matches combine with bombastically-designed visuals and power-play gameplay to ensure it lives up to its title.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, this is classic Table Tennis/Ping Pong. Two players face off against each other from across the table, and you’re to take control one of those players. You view the action from a first-person perspective, your paddle occupying the bottom-centre of the screen as you gaze down the table towards your readied opponent. The rest of your time is spent swiping at the screen, making as many shots as you can at your opponent in order to put enough pressure on him or her to emerge as the victor. Matches are a first-to-11 affair, though as expected, the winner will need to be 2 points clear in order to qualify for such a title.

It’s the arcade-style nuances really make Power Ping Pong shine here. One feature allows you to enter a bullet time-like state where you can slow time down temporarily, allowing you to get to a shot you would otherwise have missed. Power shots are also a joy – these allow you to send a shot to your opponent at lightning speed. Be wary, however: the shots you can send towards your opponent can also be sent back at you, so you need to be on your metaphorical toes throughout.

Other shots are also available, which should be attractive for the connoisseurs of table tennis. Fancy a lob shot? These can also be performed by swiping down on the screen to give the ball more air time. Smash shots and swipe shots are also present, which are achieved by swiping in the appropriate ways.

In all, it’s hard to dislike Power Ping Pong. It’s got 3 modes of play (arcade, sensei mode, and multiplayer, each offering different spins on the same gameplay mentioned above). This is a perfect game for a casual table-tennis fan that gets bored with flash games and wants a serious mobile tennis game that also looks fantastic.

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch is a decidedly more straight-laced affair than Power Ping Pong. This doesn’t mean it’s less enjoyable than the aforementioned game however. Real Table Touch’s premise and gameplay are both as solid as they come. Similar to Clapfoot Games’ Ping Pong Masters in its look (though a little more refined and realistic in its gameplay and presentation), Table Tennis touch presents the game of table tennis in a rather realistic fashion. We’re talking a nicely-replicated table, tough opponents, and animated bats swiping, smashing, and generally moving on the screen as if possessed by talented, table tennis-loving ghosts.

It seems like a game should always be praised for using flick/swipe-based controls, though to be fair this should really be a standard to be aimed for as a minimum rather than a point of praise. Still, the swipe/flick controls are excellent and allow you to perform various shots, with the ability to add spin to the ball by changing the direction of your swipe after the paddle makes contact with the ball. The length and direction of your swipe also changes the resulting shot. You can opt for two types of serve in the game as well: the straight, powerful serve, or the spin-based serve where you hold the ball until the last second and then apply spin (this is quite difficult to do).

The solid, realistic gameplay finds a great home in the game’s progression structure as well. We’re talking Career mode of course, which takes the form of a selection of knockout tournaments each more difficult than the last. If you’re after some serious competition, then you’re definitely going to want to partake in Career Mode, though more casual players may wish to stick to Power Ping Pong.

At the end of the day, Real Table Tennis by Yakuto is a great-looking, fun-to-play game that provides a realistic interpretation of the sport to be held in the palm of the hand. The swipe controls are highly responsive, the presentation is polished and professional, and the physics feel spot-on. It’s not as flashy or fast-paced as Power Ping Pong, but its action is, after all intended to offer more of sensible take on the sport, and it does so incredibly well.

Real Table Tennis

Real Table Tennis is another title from Gameloft that veers towards the realistic side of mobile Table Tennis game-play. Its appearance isn’t quite as professional or polished as Table Tennis Touch, but it’s still a great alternative if you’re looking for a serious Table Tennis Game for your commute or just to pass a little of your spare time.

One of the factors that most distinguishes Real Table Tennis from its rivals is its content. It has a lot to offer the prospective player, including the ability to get involved in the International Table Tennis League, Career Mode, and Online play. It has 20 unique AI opponents for you to go up against as well, ensuring that you’re constantly challenged if you can’t connect for online play.

One of the most attractive features of this game is the ability to purchase additional hardware/kit. This isn’t just a shallow, aesthetic feature however. Purchasing additional/superior pieces of kit (such as paddles and trainers) adds to facets of your skills such as the level of power and the amount of control you have on your shots. This gives you items to strive for when considering the game’s long-term appeal. Its online play also makes it a game with much more longevity than many run-of-the-mill Table Tennis games out there.

It’s graphics are also intended to be highly realistic. Though it isn’t photo-realistic by any means, you can see that effort has been put into making this game a realistic, 3D Table Tennis experience with better graphics than the majority of table tennis games you’ll find lurking online.

I’m a Ping Pong King

Even though this article was designed for serious Table Tennis games, we couldn’t help but include Orange Nose Studios rather quirky 2D stickman game that while not reaching the dizzy heights of the 3D titles above, does give the more casual gamer a fun experience of Ping Pong.

Simply tap the screen on the left or the right to move the stickman either way and attempt to defeat 16 different opponents to win the crown. This game is all about reflexes and nothing else